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Before submitting a support request to OZentries please ensure you have read all appropriate instructions.

If you still cannot resolve your problem then the quickest and most efficient way to contact OZentries support is via our helpdesk by completing the support request form below. Please include a detailed description of your problem, any displayed error messages received and if possible the steps that you followed when the problem occurred. If your issue is in relation to an existing activity application then it is critical for you to supply your OZentries Receipt Number (OZM....) issued at the time of the transaction so that we can identify and resolve your request.

Once you have submitted a support request you will receive immediate confirmation that your request has been received advising your support request ticket number. If further information is required by OZentries you will be contacted at the supplied email address. If you need to add further information to your support request simply reply to our confirmation email or to our later response.

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If your query is about an existing membership application then you must include your receipt number as well.


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